• What is wrong with racial profiling… everything

    I am a massage therapist. I have been in practice for 17 years. I have worked with thousands of clients from all ethnicities and sexual /preference denominations. I can attest to the truth that we are all the same. Our muscles, our blood, our worth as human beings is all worth value.

    As I watch the centuries of disproportion discrimination towards people of non-white color I am appalled. I work on bodies of all ethnicities ,,, White, Black, Asian, Indian and any other culture I have failed to mention….. we are all the same. We are connected. We need to embrace that connection. Love of HUMANITY embraces that connection. Let’s be sure we are taking care of each other and remembering we are all from the same seed (Adam and Eve) …. the fruit doesn’t fall far from the the tree. We are all leaves on the tree. Please help to make it a tree of love!

  • Please help us to help you through these difficult times!
    Massage should be an essential business for anyone who is not immune deficient. In these stressful times, many of us need stress relief to cope with the tragedy we are facing. Your therapist can help physiologically, psychology and emotionally. As a therapist of 16 yrs… It is KILLING ME knowing I am failing my clients. I saw that there is a website where you and I can request that massage can be requested as an ESSENTIAL business. If you feel this is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE for you… please follow this link and ask that the government open this service up again for you. I promise… you are my first priority, as you have been for the last 16 years. I will be sure to space appointments far enough to ensure FULL SANITATION between appointments. https//
  • Help ME to be HERE for you
    Help to bring relief in a time of need. both yours and mine. I want to help you find comfort and providing you comfort provides me comfort. Thank you!