People go to a spa or a clinic or any place where massage is offered so they can have time to relax and flush out the stress and toxins that ail their bodies. As a receiver of the massage, a person will get his or her money’s worth if he or she focuses on the massage being given and enjoy it to its fullest.To make the massage a truly worthwhile experience, here are some tips to bear in mind:


1. Before the massage. When you make your appointment, make it a point to know exactly what kind or technique of massage that will be used on you. Know as much as you can about the massage technique and make sure you are comfortable with it.Bring yourself into a frame of mind that will enable you to absorb fully the benefits of the massage you will be having.
Clear your mind of whatever worries you before you show up for your appointment. If you can manage it, clear the entire day of your scheduled massage and devote the day instead for some relaxation and healing.Be aware of what time your appointment is and show up early. Being at least fifteen minutes early is good. This will prevent you from arriving at the appointed place stressed out about the rush and the traffic, and it will also give you time for a shower or a soak at the tub, if these are available at the place you are going to.
If you know you are going to be late or you would be running to another place right after the massage, it would be better for you if you just reschedule the appointment. But before you do that, find out first the cancellation policy of the spa.
Do you want scented or unscented oil? Find out from the massage therapist what kind of oil she is going to use. If you are allergic to that oil or prefer something else, do not hesitate to bring your own.
2. During the massage. Always communicate with your massage therapist and be open with how you are feeling with regards the massage. You are there for your own comfort and relaxation, and so you should tell the therapist if there is something about the room or something that she is doing that you find uncomfortable.
Do you feel that the strokes the therapist is giving you too hard or too light? Speak up and ask her to change the pressure. Please keep in mind, though, that some massage techniques are supposed to be light, but you ought to ask her nonetheless.
Does a particular part of your body hurt and you want your therapist to pay attention to that part? Ask her to focus on it and she will concentrate most of her strokes towards treating that area. Open your mind during the massage and relish the sensation of your muscles getting loosened and relaxed. Breathe deeply to make the cells of your body get the most out of the massage.
3. After the massage. A massage therapist will hand you a glass of water after the massage. Drink it to flush out the toxins that the massage released from your body. It would help a lot if you would spend the next hour after your massage on quiet and relaxing activities, such as a short and leisurely walk or a nap. Doing so will let the massage take its full effect on your body. A nice soak in warm water before you go to bed that day will help you feel more rejuvenated the morning after.