Our Story

Heaven’s Door is a family owned and operated
business (a dream of Laurie’s) and has been
serving the community of Gray
since the spring of 2004.

When my husband and I opened Heaven’s Door in 2004, we were looking to create a place for people that felt like home but provided the peaceful atmosphere that is sometimes lacking in our day to day life.

We had long been customers of various hot tub and sauna rental facilities, many of them very nice in the beginning. As time went on however, we noticed services that had been included were now being piece mealed (towels, soaps ect.) and that the cleanliness was now substandard. Most of these businesses have long since closed, probably because patrons like ourselves grew tired of being treated like nothing more then income to it’s owners.

We decided from the start to make sure our business would be about our customers, not a bottom line. Cleanliness is a top priority. Before you settle into the adjustable lighting we invite you to turn the dimmer lights all the way up to check our commitment to this goal.

We also wanted to be sure our clients didn’t spend an hour gathering towels, soaps, the hair dryer, ect. as they were trying to make it out the door of their busy household only to come home and have to do the laundry after their retreat was over. (I personally hated that one!)

That is why we provide large bath towels per person, wash cloths, shampoo, conditioner, soap and a hairdryer. There is also a refrigerator stocked with bottled water to be sure you, our guest, are able to stay hydrated. Additional cost? $0. Peace of mind that you have everything, priceless.

We also looked at what would have made us more comfortable using the services at our “once favorite places”. I really hated having to walk through a lobby of people to use the bathroom if I needed it. You may have to walk through our greeting room here, it is very unlikely you will see other guest to pass by. Each building (other then the common room) is entirely for your use only. If you need assistance, call us on the cell phone to let me know you want someone to come into your space.

My husband hated the fact that someone else controlled what we were listening to… at what volume… and when the source would shut off. Your sound system is completely under your control. You can listen to your favorite radio stations or hook up your Bluetooth device to play your favorite playlist.

Having never received massage before my first day of massage school, I quickly discovered not only the relief bodywork provided physically and emotionally, but what was lacking in completion of the process due to the surroundings you get in a classroom setting of 40.

I looked at other spas and found them to be better, but still lacking the feeling that what was about to happen was all about me. When you honor yourself with massage, I honor the value of that investment. There are no other clients waiting to be served. I have opened my doors because you are here and it is my pleasure to give you a retreat.

I also decided my education may have come piece meal but my services wouldn’t. Fifteen minutes of hot tub are offered free of charge prior to your full session. The rooms are adjoined to maintain your privacy in the transition from room to room. Your session will include what you need… be it Swedish, therapeutic, cranial sacral, or a combination of modalities.

You pay for my time not my technique. Because your patronage is so important to me, I do ask that you not constrict yourself to just enough time for a session. More important then meeting a clock is meeting your needs. I like to reserve the right to spend a little more time (at my discretion) if it means completing a stage of your rejuvenation process.

The sauna, added in 2007, we chose to add without changing what Heaven’s Door had already become. Therefore it became necessary to add a second building just outside the front door of the first. We named it (the Sauna House) and were able to provide all the same amenities (shower, refrigerator, stereo, and as of Easter 2018 we added a beautiful 73 jet 7 person hot tub off the back of the building). For the sake of sanitation we did not add an additional toilet (hence the common area in Heaven’s Door) . We decided our guest wouldn’t mind making the short walk into the other building if necessary.

Heaven’s Door is special to us. We hope it will be someplace special for you too. We aim to be a constant in a world of change, consistently providing a little slice of heaven in what is an increasingly demanding world.

We would like to personally thank you for choosing Heaven’s Door for your relaxation destination.
Steve & Laurie Granger